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Edward has been the Executive Director of the Nabe since June of 2004 and a community activist in southeast San Francisco for over twenty years. Edward effectively grew up at the Nabe and has been woven into the community fabric for over 40 years. He currently chairs the Potrero Hill Community Health Fair Committee and the Potrero Hill Festival Committee. He’s a member of several communities and City advisory boards: SFPD Use of Force, SFGH General Medicine Clinic, Potrero Hill Merchants Association, Potrero Hill Boosters, UCSF Community Partners, and the SF Violence Prevention Initiative. Edward graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage in 1984 and later worked as a building contractor in San Francisco for ten years, specializing in Victorian renovations. In 2002, he was hired at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House as the Youth Program Coordinator and Facilities Manager. Today, Edward continues to serve the community, and the variety of individuals within it, in any way he can.

Edward Hatter, Executive Director

Phone: (415) 826-8080


Sharon is the Youth Program Manager for Experiment in Diversity, an after school and summer program for middle school youth. Sharon also manages high school interns (through MYEEP), utilizing the Nabe as a worksite. Sharon has worked with youth at the Nabe for more than 15 years, supporting young people with their schoolwork, relationships, and interests. She exposes our young people to people, places, and experiences that greatly expand their understanding of what’s possible. Sharon has been married to Albert Johnson, Program Coordinator of the Nabe’s Summer in the City youth program, for 42 years. Sharon was born and raised on Potrero Hill and her first job was at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, working with the CETA program (now MYEEP). She was professionally trained at the Dale Carnegie School of Business and worked for 27 years at the U.S. Leasing Corporation, one of the largest financial services corporations in the Bay Area. She never forgot the Nabe during that time, petitioning friends and co-workers to direct their donations to the Nabe. After U.S. Leasing Corporation sold their business, Sharon took a year-long sabbatical and then was hired by the Nabe as a bookkeeper. Enola D. Maxwell, the Executive Director at the time, encouraged Sharon to work with the kids at the Nabe. Mrs. Maxwell ensured that Sharon transitioned before she passed away. Sharon has worked as Youth Programs Manager ever since, providing inspiration and support to many generations of families on Potrero Hill.


Sharon Johnson, Youth Program Manager, Experiment in Diversity


Jack has led the Nabe’s Peer Counseling program for incarcerated youth since 1995.

He has been counseling incarcerated youth and adults for over 35 years. In 1987, Jack co-founded the OMEGA Boys Club where he still teaches. Jack provides the people he works with the opportunity to engage with their peers in an atmosphere of nonviolence and cooperation and, ultimately, to seek self-transformation. He currently volunteers at San Quentin twice each month, one night per week at San Bruno county jail, and one afternoon each week at Log Cabin (a long term detention center for youth ages 14-21). Jack also takes justice-involved youth from San Francisco to San Quentin so that the young people can discourse with those who have been sentenced to life in prison. 


Jack Jacqua 

Program Manager, Peer Counseling

Phone: 415-753-6705

Albert has been the Program Coordinator for Summer in the City (the Nabe’s after school and summer program for elementary-age youth) and has worked as a mentor with youth in Potrero Hill for over 30 years. Albert’s primary job was with U.S. Leasing, where he worked full time for over 27 years. Additionally, Albert worked at the Potrero Hill Park and Recreation Center for approximately 23 years where he began as a part time employee, working evenings and weekends. His tenure with S.F. Park and Rec. extends 27+ years. While at the Potrero Hill Rec Center, Albert volunteered numerous hours with the Potrero Hill Recreation Center’s Parents Club where he mentored youth, and exposed them to various people, places and opportunities, which otherwise, they may have not experienced. He took on a role as tutor for these youth and started visiting schools to check on them. When Al showed up, the youth were happy to see him and promised to do better in school. Upon developing relationships with their teachers, Al quickly became the liaison between parents and teachers. This process developed into a year-round program where Albert did homework with the kids daily, visited schools on a weekly basis, picked up homework packages, contacted parents to resolve issues and made home visits when necessary. Upon leaving the Potrero Hill Recreation Center, Albert was hired at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, as the Summer In the City (SIC) Program Coordinator, where he continues to work with students to prevent summer learning loss and expose them to the San Francisco Bay Area and it amenities. Albert has been married to the Nabe’s Youth Program Manager, Sharon Johnson, for 42 years. Currently, Albert is employed at A.P. Gianinni Middle School where he has worked as staff support and the boys basketball coach for approximately eight years. He has recently retired as basketball coach, after leading the middle school team to four championships in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Albert Johnson demonstrates his love and concern for the people of our community through his actions and continues to seek opportunities to help youth advance in academics and sports.


Albert Johnson